Category: Lumber and Custom Buildings

Metal Storage Sheds

We have 2 Brand New 12×16 Metal storage sheds we just finished this week! These are beautiful and built right! We did our research and I did several things with our buildings that I felt really added to the quality! They have top quality 40 year warranted metal on them as well as pressure treated floor joist and treated runners! They have 3/4 inch Advanteck water proof,lifetime flooring! Most use nail guns or staples but our buildings are built with 3 inch screws and we didn’t take short cuts! I’m very proud of them but the icing on the cake is I’m offering them for sale at the low price of $2500 each! I looked all around and priced similar sheds and $3600 and up was the prices I found. Come check them out in person and see the difference for yourself! I’m located in somerset KY and will be happy to answer any questions at 606-271-6055! We can set up delivery if you like!



Premium Chicken Coops

Introducing my latest idea! Premium Chicken Coops!!! These are 5 feet wide and 10 feed long! They are 6’6 tall and can house 12 chickens! It’s built from pressure treated lumber using all 3 inch screws! They have 40 year warrantied metal roof and 1×2 inch galvanized wire so it will keep anything in and everything out! We can build them with any color you like upon request! These are the best built Chicken Coops you will find anywhere! They are braced top and bottom in ever corner and have a eye bolt on the front so you can scoot it around anywhere you like! I move mine every few days and it keeps the chickens happy as well as laying every day while making the grass lush and beautiful! They have 5 nesting boxes and 2 roosts built in! They have a door in the back to gather your eggs quick and easily! Here’s your opportunity to have organic eggs and a addition to your property anyone would be happy to have! We do deliver and can even help you get some laying hens if needed! I’m located in somerset KY!
These Coops are for sale for $875 each including FREE delivery up to 40 miles!!!


HappyHound Hotels

Introducing our latest projects! The HappyHound Hotels!!! These baby’s are as nice as money buys in my opinion! They are built with pressure treated wood and 3 inch screws! All the metal is 40 year warrantied! The chain link will panels are top quality and built right here locally! These are built on 4×6 runners and can be moved with a small tractor,truck or whatever! We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship put into each one of these! They have 4×8 dog runs and a 4×8 in closed room that is perfect for your dog feed as well as all your hunting supplies! We have a 2 dog and a 4 dog built right now or can custom build anything you like and in any color!
The 2 Dog is 12 feet long and 8 feet wide! $2250
The 4 Dog is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide! $3000
The Happy Hound Hotels can be transported on a flat bed trailer no problem! We also offer delivery if needed! I’m located in somerset KY! Call 606-271-6055 with any questions!